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Best CamScanner Alternatives For iOS Devices

CamScanner Alternatives ios

When it comes to sending documents or any press release online, the only one name suddenly pops up on our head: “CamScanner.” This app specially designed to turn your mobile into a scanner for intelligent document management. But unluckily, this popular app got banned in India along with the other 59 Chinese apps because of breach of user’s privacy.

 The CamScanner app is not available in India; it doesn’t mean that your work would get stopped. You can continue your document scanning work from your iOS device with some CamScanner alternative app. It’s not like only one app can scan your document. There are dozens of other document scanning app available on the App Store, which you can use on your iOS device without any restriction. One great thing about these CamScanner like apps is your document will be safe and protected as we know that CamScanner was stealing our data. Well, if you are still using the CamScanner app with any hack or trick, then we are also warning that the app can steal your data without your consent, so better to go with other alternatives of CamScanner.

Top 5 Best Apps Like CamScanner iPhone 2021

1.Adobe Scan

I guess you may have heard about the Adobe scan earlier, but if you haven’t used it yet, then this is the right time to turn your device into a powerful portable PDF scanner with this Adobe Scan app that recognizes the test automatically and produces a perfect file. Whether you want to turn that document on receipts or business cards, this free Adobe Scan app is the perfect choice of similar to CamScanner.

2.Microsoft Office Lens

Whenever it comes to sharing some of your important documents, you should always prefer some trusted app. So here is one of the most secure “Microsoft Office Lens” from Microsoft Corporation. With this Office Lens trim, you can improve and makes pictures of whiteboards and document readable. This Office Lens can convert the image to edible Word and PowerPoint files so that you can directly send them to the other person.

3.Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable is one of the easy to use document scanner apps for iOS which scan contracts, receipts, business cards, and any paper easily from your phone and make a perfect file so that you can share with anyone. Once you scan any file, you will be able to directly share and save files on your device.


ScanPro is also one great app like CamScanner, which allows users to simply scan documents and QR codes from the iPhone. This is the free app that can create HD PDF or JPG scans from your phone with just one tap and them send them via email or fax. Then you can also upload the file to iCloud Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and other cloud services.

5.Scanner Mini – Scan PDF and Fax

If you don’t like above CamScanner alternatives, then you can go with this “Scanner Mini – Scan PDF and Fax” app on your iOS device. This app can be used easily from your iPhone. Once you scan the document with this app, it can automatically crop the page and smartly process ahead by removing shadows, correcting perspective and distortions, etc. There is also a built-in OCR that will let you convert and scan into the text, which you can copy as well.

Finishing Up

So there we were the top five best alternatives of CamSacanner, which you can use in India right now. All these apps are trustworthy and user-friendly, which you use in your iOS device without any problem. Once after checking these CamScanner like apps, if we have missed any important app, then please shoot in the comment section.

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