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Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone- Free & Paid

Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone in 2022 - Free & Paid

Apple’s iPhones are believed to be the most secure smartphones today. The company uses a bank-grade security system so that the device cannot be breached by anyone. Thus, even if you want to record calls on your iPhone, it is quite impossible within the system. It does not have a preinstalled voice call recorder app.

Apple says that a free call recording application may not comply with Apple’s privacy policies. Therefore, it is advised to use third-party call recording apps in such cases. For this reason, it’s important to know the best call recorder for the iPhone. This post discusses some of the top call recorder apps for iPhone.

Rev Call Recorder

One of the best call recording apps for iPhone is Rev Call Recorder, and it is totally free. This app doesn’t put a limit on the duration of the call that can be recorded, and it also records both incoming and outgoing calls, which makes it an even more useful app to have.

However, as of now, this app is only available to use with US registered number.

Features of Rev Call Recorder

High-Quality Recording

Rev Call Recorder is designed to offer exceptional sound clarity without any audio degradation.

Transcription within App

Rev call recorder can convert any audio recording to a text document, and this is pretty useful.

No Ads

Rev Call Recorder manages to avoid any disruptive ads, which is definitely a plus point. You can record calls without worrying about having recording interrupted by popups or ads.

Easily Sharable

You can use this app to send recordings over email and other storage platforms like Dropbox.


Rev Call Recorder allows you to add timestamps when you’re getting a transcription from the app.

Rev Call Recorder Pricing

Rev Call Recorder is absolutely free.

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro is a free, easy-to-use audio call recorder that can store and share recordings of your phone calls. The app lets you save and review recorded calls right after the end, or you can download them to your computer or smartphone.

It’s also available as a paid version, and the free version only offers to listen to the recordings for 60 seconds only.

Features of TapeACall App

Unlimited voice recordings

With this voice call recorder, you can create unlimited recordings and store them.

Easy sharing of recordings

You can send your recordings to a friend by SMS or on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles.

Converting recordings to MP3 version

Once the file has been saved, you can send the mp3 file to your email address.

Easy uploading of call recordings

This app helps you upload your call recordings to various apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Attaching labels to recordings

You can use TapeACall to label your recordings and make them easier to search for later.

Price of TapeACall Pro

The unlimited call recording plan starts at $4.99 and goes up to $59.99.

Call Recorder iCall

Call Recorder iCall is a free application for iPhone with a free trial for three days. This iPhone call recording application is an easy-to-use call recording app that has a lot of features. Their main feature is being able to record incoming and outgoing calls, plus you will get exceptional customer support if you have any issues with the app.

Unique Features of Call Recorder iCall

Easy to use interface

The app has a simple interface, and you will be able to record all calls easily.

Access saved calls anytime

All recorded calls are saved automatically, and you can access them anytime you want.

No cap on the duration of the recorded call

The paid iOS call recorder app can record a conversation as long as you want. There is no limitation on call duration.

Making international calls

This call recording app offers you to call internationally with its service.

Pricing of Call Recorder iCall 

Once the free trial ends, you can get the premium version of this free call recording application for $49.99/year.

iRec Call Recorder for iPhone

iRec is an app that allows you to record any call (within the United States or abroad) that you want to record for any reason. The app is easy to use and has a few different recording modes (manual or automatic).

Features of iRec Call Recorder

Unlimited Call Records

There is no limit on the call duration, so you can record without any hassle.


You can also use the transcription feature to create an audio-text note for yourself. So, you can convert call recordings into text format and share them

Screen recording:

Now call recording on iPhone is very easy, but with this app, you can record screens as well.

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

Call Recorder Lite is a call recorder app that allows you to record phone calls on your smartphone. It does not require any additional hardware or software, and it is available for free and comes with a premium plan.

This call recording application saves all recorded calls on the device or to its cloud server. You can access these recordings whenever you want, and plus, you can share them via social network apps or email.

Features of Call Recorder Lite

Recording unlimited calls

You can record as many calls as you want with Call Recorder Lite.

Alternating playback speed

It is a seamless experience to listen to call recordings as you can slow or fast-forward them.

Export of recordings

This app allows the user to export calls to the user’s preferred device with a click of a button.

Regular updates

Call Recorder Lite offers regular updates for its users.

Pricing of Call Recorder Lite 

As stated, with the free version, you can listen to recorded calls for only 60 seconds. To get the premium version, you will have to pay $9.99 or buy credits for a different amount.

Call Recorder VoIP by Profuse

Call Recorder VoIP App is one of the best call recorder apps for iPhone. It is reliable, straightforward, and has excellent customer support.

The Call Recorder VoIP App records all phone calls automatically, and it also has a voice memo feature that allows you to record your conversations. You can also use this app to record your conversations with other apps like WhatsApp or Skype, along with recording local incoming and outgoing calls.

Features of Call Recorder VoIP

No limit on the duration of calls

You can record any call without having to worry about running out of juice or storage.

Secure saving of recordings

With the help of the Call Recorder VolP, it’s easy to save all your recordings on your device or even in the cloud.

Download recordings in MP3 format

You can download MP3s of the songs from this app onto your iPhone.

Enhanced customer support

If you face any trouble while using this application, you can get instant customer support from the customer support team.

Regular updates

The developers are constantly updating this app to bring you new features.

Pricing of Call Recorder VoIP

This iPhone call recorder app comes with a seven-day free trial, and then its premium plan starts from $4.99, which goes up to $29.99.

Google Voice

In the past few years, Google Voice has emerged as one of the best ways to record phone calls on the iPhone. Not only does it deliver high-quality audio, but it also facilitates caller management features such as call logs and blocking. If you want to record calls on iPhone, this is one of the best and free options available out there. It offers free texts, voice mails, and calls.

Note: Google Voice works in the USA.

Features of Google Voice

Syncing across devices

Google Voice is available for multiple devices, so the call logs are synced across all devices where you have logged in to Google Voice.

Personalized settings

It offers to change settings according to your needs so you can customize the settings of text messages, calls, and voicemail.

Powerful search

You can record calls and find them instantly with its search function.


This is one of the best features that modern call recording applications offer. Google Voice can provide transcription of audio recordings to the text document.

Safely backed up

Everything that is saved on this app is automatically backed on your personal Google account, and that too safely.

Pricing of Google Voice App 

There is no fee for this application to download and use. It is available in App Store for free, and you can start recording your calls. But keep in mind that this app is available only in the USA.

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