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How to backup iPhone with iCloud?

backup iPhone with iCloud

Gone are the days when people used to store their information and data in files as now is time when everything in saved in that small device you are holding in your hands. Yes, we are talking about smartphones and iCloud on iPhone.

Since these devices contain confidential data, it is essential to back it up to avoid any information loss in the future. While backup your iPhone might seem daunting and time-consuming task, you can carry out the process by simply following the steps to backup iPhoen with iCloud mentioned below. So, without waiting a further, let’s get into it!!

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a free account attached to your Apple ID that can back up your iPhone. However, it does not back up your entire phone. Apps and music purchased with your Apple ID will not back up because Apple has a receipt indicating that you have previously purchased them and will allow you to download them again for free.

Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi before going to Settings and tapping on the Apple ID/iCloud option at the top. It displays your name. Take a moment to check-in if you haven’t already, then tap on iCloud. Scroll down to iCloud Backup, activate iCloud Backup, and then hit Back Up Now to get started.

You may double-check everything by heading to Settings and selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, or Reminders from the drop-down menu. You can view your multiple accounts by tapping Accounts in any settings. You can see synchronized under each account: mail, contacts, calendars.

Steps to backup your iPhone with iCloud

You can ensure the data safety if you back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Carry out the steps mentioned below and get your info backed up with iCloud in no time.

  • First of all, connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Therefore, visit the Settings tab and go to iCloud. Theref, enter your name and move further.
  • From the drop-down menu, select iCloud Backup.
  • Now, choose the Back Up Now option.
  • Continue to connect to your Wi-Fi network until the operation gets finished.
  • Back-Up Now displays the date and time of your most recent backup.

Are you getting a warning sign of not having ample iCloud storage space to complete the backup? Follow the onscreen prompts to buy more storage and get it done with much ease and comfort.

Can you back up your iPhone with iCloud Backup Automatically?

Tired of performing manual backups and looking for some help? Set up iCloud Backup to back up your device every day by following these easy steps. It will cut your effort while saving your time.

  • To begin the process, go to the Settings tab. There, you need to enter your name and tap on the iCloud and iCloud Backup. Turn on the iCloud Backup to avoid trouble whole performing the task.
  • Thereafter, connect the power supply to your gadget and join a Wi-Fi network with your device.
  • Check to see if the screen on your device is locked.
  • If you see an alert stating that you don’t have enough iCloud storage space to finish the backup, follow the instructions to purchase additional storage.

Steps to manage backups stored in iCloud

Remember that you won’t find a list of your backups on iCloud.com if you use iCloud backup. Therefore, to ease your process, we have mentioned the step-by-step guide to find your iCloud backups on your iPhone. Execute the process and get the job done with ease.

  • At first, click on the Settings tab and enter your name.
  • Go to iCloud and tap manage Storage.
  • Therefore, you need to click on Backups.
  • Now, tap a backup to check more information about it and select which detail to backup or delete.


That’s all about it!! Backing up your iPhone is a time-consuming yet worthwhile task. iCloud is the most convenient way to back up your iPhone. While Email, contacts, and calendars get synced with your email account, you may also sync them with iCloud in some situations and keep them save forever. Follow the steps mentioned above and keep your information safe and secure.

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