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Apple’s Own First 5G iPhones to Release in 2022

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As we know, the mobile industry is growing day-by-day, every mobile maker is now planning launches its new 5G mobile. Well, many mobile brands have already released 5G devices, while Apple is still behind but also focusing on its own 5G iPhone as the company bought Intel’s modern business earlier this year to develop Apple’s own 5G chip without being dependent on other brands.

This year, Apple released iPhone trio-iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, so there was no 5G supported device at the launch. Well, Apple thing the 5G availability is still limited to some areas, and it will take time to make it available in every corner of the earth. So, we may see at least one 5G iPhone next year with Apple’s partner Qualcomm 5G modem as the company already have a deal with the Qualcomm.

Talkin about Apple 5G modem iPhone with its own 5G, the company, is still have done a lot of work. So, we won’t see Apple’s own 5G modem before 2022. Instead of a bitter fight with Qualcomm, we will see the first 5G iPhone from Qualcomm’s 5G modems. Well, some sources are also saying that even if the fabrication is done in time, there should be given time for testing, optimization, certification to ensure compliance with global standards, as well as the domestic FCC. So, it could take some time to get ready the Apple’s first 5G modem iPhone.

Well, Apple’s main motto is to integrated 5G modem in the SoC to minimize the power consumption while the Fast Company source says that says Cupertino is more likely to create both components separately for the 2022 iPhone and the integrated platform will only arrive in 2023.

When we talk about other companies, the Samsung already made the Exynos 980 with integrated 5G modem in August and will appear in smartphones by the end of the year, while Huawei is already selling the Mate 30 5G and Mate 30 Pro 5G with an integrated Kirin 990 5G chipset.

Maybe this a smart decision by Apple that the company hasn’t released 5G iPhone this year as it will take around a year to get full 5G world. So, Apple some time to make its next 5G iPhone best as they can to compete for its rivals. But Apple’s in-house 5G modems could be ready in three years. Until that, let’s wait for other 5g models and Apple’s Qualcomm based 5G iPhone.

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