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Apple Watch’s New Feature “Cycle Tracking” with watchOS 6: Everything You Need to Know

“Cycle Tracking” with watchOS 6

Apple introduces Cycle Tracking feature with watchOS 6 update. Apple Watch is an amazing health and fitness partner. Apple Watch series is one of the most loved Apple products. It caters several functions like the iPhone with its GPS and Cellular connectivity feature. Some people also theorize that sooner or later Apple watches could replace the iPhone with its amazing features. Besides being smart and Cellular connectivity with iPhone, Apple Watches are mostly acclaimed for its health and fitness features. Apple has always kept the privacy and health of its users at primary. Keeping in mind this, Apple has introduced the Cycle Tracking function specially designed for all the women out there.

With watchOS 6, Apple has added even more features to empower you to manage your health. It has brought various features like Activity Trends, Hearing Health, Enhanced Siri, Cycle Tracking, App Store, and many more. Among them, all Cycle Tracking is the one for which are excited most. Sumbul Desai, Apple’s Vice President stated while watchOS 6 that knowing more about your menstrual cycle gives you a window into your health, from simply ensuring that you are prepared, to understanding your personal patterns and regularities. As a woman, I know that understanding what’s normal for you is critical in making informed clinical decisions from a physician and can really enrich conversations with the doctor. So, in watchOS 6, the Cycle Tracking app gives you a simple, discreet way to visualize your cycle right on your wrist and it’s really easy to use. You can log key aspects of your period and fertility, including symptoms, and you can be notified when it’s about to begin. You can also choose to receive a fertile window prediction so you are better informed. So let’s find out what this Cycle Tracking feature is?

Track Status of Overall Health

With watchOS 6, Apple plans to cater many features to the user to find out the clear picture of overall health. So, Cycle Tracking is really there to offer a potential tool for women to track their menstrual cycle. So if you have a clear indication about what to come then you can have a better view of your overall health.

Cycle Tracking collects and stores all the data of a user to inform her at all times. It can also help to know any irregularities that may crop or any symptoms. Knowing about your own health or any problems regarding health can make you have a transparent conversation with your doctor.

Regular Input

This Cycle Track feature from Apple is useful only when it is provided with adequate information. So in order to get the full experience, you shall need to input your activities and health-related information on daily basis. Any information such as flow information or symptoms like headache, cramps. The regular input of information will make it possible for users to see their cycle length and variable changes.

The Fertile Window

By all the information input in the Cycle Track, user can actually track her fertile window. By collecting all the information Cycle Track will inform the user when her period is about the start or when the user has entered in the fertile window.

This feature is available on Apple Watch and because Apple wants it to make this available to hundreds of millions of women across the world, Cycle Tracking is also available without a Watch in the Health app and iOS. You can use it on your iPhone to do all of those same functions that can be done on Watch. Let’s see what new more features will be added with the final version of watchOS 6.

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