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Apple To Bring These Amazing Features On iOS 16

iOS 16 Rumoured Features

While many users enjoy and criticise the new Pregnant Man emoji on the latest iOS 15.4 update, many iOS geeks are keenly waiting for the next iOS 16 update. In the last two years, Apple has done a great job by adding great iPhone features. 

And now, Apple is planning to add some new and fantastic features on the next iOS 16.

Live Text on iOS 15 and App Icon changing on iOS 14 were great features for iPhone users. The widgets were also great, but now what would be the best on iOS 16? What is Apple planning to add a new feature on iOS 16? Let’s discuss this here.

iOS 16 Rumoured Features

  1. With the new iOS 16, Apple is working to make some changes and improve the notifications for iPhone users. Currently on iOS 15, many users are not getting a lot of problems with the notifications. So we can expect improvements in notifications.
  2. Just like watchOS 9, we may see the new Crash Detection feature on the upcoming IOS 16.
  3. Since the AR world is growing, Apple is also planning to make Preliminary support for Apple’s mixed-reality headset.
  4. There has been improvement in Health App as Apple is extending sleep tracking.
  5. There will be new medicine management to scan pills and get reminders.
  6. For women’s health, Apple is adding a new special feature.
  7. Apple Music is getting the new classic music feature specialising for classic music metadata. It would have the same interface as Primephonic. There will be more options like visual, audial, and haptic. There will be a new option to redirect from the Apple Music app tracks to Apple Classical. Apple Music will also support Lossless and Spatial Audio.

If you are excited about these iOS mentioned above 16 features, you will have to wait for the June month for the WWDC 2022 event the year where Apple will announce the most awaited iOS 16 update.

Did you like the above feature rumoured features? Which feature do you wish to see on the next iOS 16? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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