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Apple To Add Epic Payment and Apple Payment Support for Fortnite

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A year ago, when Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store as Epic Games questions 30% cut on in-game purchase, the social media platforms flooded with #FreeFortnite movement. 

After that, the legal trial started between Apple and Epic games to remove the 30% commission and add Epic payment method to avoid a 30% cut. Last week, the news circulated online that the legal tried ended between Apple and Epic Games, and finally, Fortnite is returning to iOS in October 2021.

Suddenly, new rules were introduced in South Korea, which forced Apple to add alternative payment methods for in-app purchases. As the new law applied in South Korea, Epic Games took this opportunity and talking with Apple to bring back Fortnite to iPhone with its Epic payment methods alongside Apple Payment. 

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To bring back Fortnite to iOS, Apple needs to restore Epic’s developer account, which was banned last year when Apple put it under the violation of breaking the rules of the App Store. 

During the legal trial between Fortnite and Epic Games, Apple continuously said they would add Fortnite to iOS again, but there shouldn’t be any direct payment method. Hence, Apple suggested using Apple’s payment instead of Epic games payment method. 

When the law passed in South Korea to add an alternative payment method to in-app purchases, Apple said that a third-party system would undermine user trust in all purchases on the App Store. 

Still, the final decision is yet to come in the coming months about the Apple-Epic lawsuit. Let’s wait for the final call from the judge. Stay tuned for more news and update related to Apple. 

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