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Apple rolled out an update to fix GPS issue in older iPhones

fix GPS issue in older iPhones

There might be minimum chances of you using old iPhones and facing issues in GPS time rollover. But if you are one of the igeeks who still love to use old Apple iPhone models then this is the right time for you to update iOS software of your iPhone since Apple has rolled out a new software update to selected Apple devices so they can show time, date, and location.

By older iPhones, we are talking about iPhone 4S and iPad (First Generation) which were released almost 8-9 years ago. Apple has released iOS updates for all those older iPhones and iPads which were unable to display date, time and location, or GPS Time Rollover

As per the reports, an update to fix GPS issues is available in the form of iOS 9.3.6 version for people who are using iPhone 4S, first-generation iPad Mini (Wi-Fi + Cellular), iPad 2 (Wi-Fi + Cellular), or third-generation iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular). For people who are using iPhone 5 or 4th generation iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular), the iOS 10.3.4 version will be available as an update to solve the bugs of GPS on your devices. If you happen to have the iPod Touch, the iPad (Wi-Fi only) models or iPads and iPhones that have not been mentioned in our article, then Hakuna Matata for you because your devices don’t have any GPS bugs.

Now, why this update for your iPhone is important and why you shouldn’t skip this? With the latest iOS update, Apple wants to fix the issue called Week Number Rollover issue. The reason behind this bug is that the GPS systems which record the passage of time use a 10-bit parameter and when these systems reach week 1,024, they reset automatically and due to this issue many GPS systems have been failed and thrown off the roads. On January 6, 1980, the first count started and the first reset did take place on August 21, 1999. Now this means the next reset has taken place on April 6, 2019. So to solve this bug, other GPS makers have already rolled an update to their system and Apple is following the same resolve the issue. The update for new iPhones and iPad were rolled out earlier and now Apple is updating its older flagships.

Well, there are no answers to the question “what happens if I don’t update my device?” But Apple has said regarding this update that if you don’t update your device with the latest iOS version for your device before November 3, 2019, then your device may not be able to maintain an accurate GPS position and several other functions depending on the correct date and time. WhatsApp, iCloud, Email, and several other functions require correct time so if you want to use such services and apps then it’s the right time to update your iPhone and iPad models right now.

For newer iPhones, iOS 13 is going to release in the fall after the launch of iPhone 11 in Apple’s September event. But still, you can try iOS 13 Public beta to know what’s new exciting is coming in the next big update.

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