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Apple Rival Samsung Copied One Major iPhone Design At CES 2021

Samsung new facial recognition logo apple

While Apple is trying to be at the top in every field, rivals are not making it easier for the company to dominate the market. But somehow, Apple managed to sale the highest amount of its iPhone XR and named as the Most Sold iPhone in 2021. 

Currently, at the CES 2021 keynote, along with everything else, Samsung also made some announcements, and we got surprised to see the facial recognition icon of Samsung. We are not sure whether they copied Apple’s facial recognition purposely or not.

In the CES 2021 event, Samsung showcased the facial recognition icon that looks almost the same as Apple’s Face ID icon. There is only a bit of change as the lines all seem a bit thicker and closer together, and the corners are perhaps a touch less rounded. But when you look at the logo, it completely looks like Apple’s Face ID icon as the logo is which is apparently somewhat adjusted to fit in with the art on the rest of the slide.

The copied icon stayed on the screen for 15 seconds from the icon came up about 50 minutes into Samsung’s press conference titled “Age of Experience,” where the H.S. Kim, head of the company’s consumer electronics division, talked about the investment into cybersecurity.

There was no mistake or no plat from the slideshow, but it was Samsung’s new facial recognition icon to be an outline of the face for the upcoming Samsung devices. It doesn’t look like they use this icon for any software or packaging.

Also, the AMD appeared to expose details about the upcoming Xbox Series X before confessing that it had used a fan-made render of the console and had not. The news is they revealed the detail about the post.

From the decades, the war between Samsung and Apple is going on as the company copied the iPhone’s design. Also, other manufacturers also copied the most innovative iPhone X notch, and also last year, Xiaomi cloned Apple’s dynamic wallpaper and Memoji avatars, and also Huawei and Honor copied Apple’s AirPods. 

Do you think Apple could file a lawsuit for this copied design? Let’s wait and watch. We are also excited about the next Samsung device to see when they are going to use this new Apple’s design.

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