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Apple Is Planning To Release Six New Products in 2021-21

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While the outbreak of COVID-19 is going on, Apple is not letting their fans down as the company is still holding the March 31 event as much other company including Google are cancelling their events. The buzz about the upcoming iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 is still happening; one more good news left every Apple fan surprised. 

This time, news about six new Apple products is roaming online. You might be wondering which products Apple is going to release. So let me tell you that these products are not iPhones. The company is planning to release some mini-LED display, according to the popular Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo.

Yes, you heard it right! There will be six new mini-LED products to release over the span of the next two years. Kuo claimed that the epidemic of Coronovirus even won’t affect these mini-led products to hit the market. Here’s what he said “The product research and development for mini LED remain unaffected by the COVID-19. The visibility for commercialization has even exceeded the expectations in our previous report.”

What are those Mini-LED Apple Products? If this question is also popping on your head, then here is the name of those products:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • 27-inch iMac Pro
  • 14.1-inch MacBook Pro
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro
  • 10.2-inch iPad
  • 7.9-inch iPad mini

Why is Apple making mini-LED display devices instead of LCD? The company think that mini-LED screen offers the higher contrast ratio and wider color gamut compare to the LCD screen. It’s not much-upgraded technology like Micro-LED, but the mini-LEDs will be a great option to get much darker blacks.

Talking about the devices, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is supposed to have all new display technology compare to the previous model released in 2019. And the older 13-inch MacBook Pro will be replaced with the newer 14.1-inch MacBook pro with the great upgrade, but Apple will keep the footprint similar to the outgoing MacBook Pro with the new 14.1-inch display.

There is still no update about the launch of these Apple products, but Kuo claimed that the 16-inch MacBook Pro would release this year and the 27-inch iMac Pro version to be announced in the fourth quarter of 2021. It’s still time to see these Apple products. But we can’t wait for Apple’s March Event this year as new iPhone is under the hood.

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