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Apple iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Features, Price, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

Apple iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2 is one of the most hyped iPhone people are waiting for. People are already asking for iPhone SE 2 release date, features, news, etc. Just like these days people and all the tech industry is more excited for the iPhone 2021 than iPhone 11. iPhone 11 is expected to release in September this year. iPhone SE was announced in March 2016 but this flagship hasn’t been refreshed since then. Let’s start from the bottom.

With iPhone 6, Apple jumped into the bigger screen iPhones. The predecessor of iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S is still considered to be one of the best innovative iPhone of all time and after the release of iPhone 6, some people were expecting new iPhones with a small screen. To cover the market of such customers Apple decided to release iPhone SE which has the external design of iPhone 5S and internal power of 6S. Upon the release, iPhone SE becomes an instant success. So, people are still waiting for Apple to release a successor of iPhone SE which is rumored to be called as iPhone SE 2.

Some reports in the market suggest that Apple is planning to launch iPhone SE 2 while some are claiming that iPhone SE 2 is dead and there is no way that Apple may release a smaller screen iPhone at this time. But look at the odds, the latest affordable variant from Apple is iPhone XR which costs around $749 which much higher than iPhone SE ($399). The current market of mid-range smartphones is dominant by Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, and Huawei. Apple may try again to cover this market again with iPhone SE 2. So let us tell you the rumored release date of iPhone SE 2, features and leaks of iPhone SE, and everything that is being speculated about it.

iPhone SE 2 Display – What could be the screen size of iPhone SE 2?

Display or screen was the most prominent thing about iPhone SE and it is still considered that Apple will release iPhone SE 2 with a smaller screen to reach out the customers who still prefer smartphones with the smaller screen.

It is quite impossible that iPhone SE 2 will have the same size as iPhone SE which has 4-inch. Several industry analysts considered iPhone 6 and 6S display size (4.7-inch) very hand and comfortable for pockets and one hand use. So it is speculated that iPhone SE 2 to have a 4.7-inch screen or up to 5-inch. More than this size would make it the same as iPhone X/XS.

Now talking about the display, there are already rumored that Apple is planning to add OLED display in its all devices but it would increase the cost. The iPhone XR has LCD display and it is being said that its successor in 2019 and 2019 will get LED. So to make iPhone SE 2 budget-friendly Apple may launch iPhone SE 2 with LED or LCD.

iPhone SE 2 5G connectivity – Will iPhone SE 2 have 5G connectivity?

Now it’s all around the news after the reports of Kuo and JP Morgan’s reports that Apple will launch its 5G iPhones in 2021. As of now, the release date of iPhone SE 2 is not confirmed. So if it gets released after 2021 then there are chances that Apple will pack iPhone SE 2 with 5G modem.

Recent reports are suggesting that Apple has bought Intel’s 5G modem producing business for $1 billion. If it has its own 5G modem producing department then it will be cost-saving for Apple to get all its iPhone 5G connectivity. But right now, Apple is in contract with Qualcomm to get supplied 5G modems for iPhone 2021. But if iPhone SE 2 is to happen after the year 2021 then it will have 5G.

iPhone SE 2 Price – What will be the price of iPhone SE 2?

With iPhone SE Apple covered the market of mid-range smartphones. Still, if Apple put the inventory of iPhone SE for sale then within minutes it gets sold. So Apple will present iPhone SE 2 as a budget-friendly smartphone. The expected price of iPhone SE 2 might be around $449 if Apple ditches 16 GB variant.

To launch this smartphone at such price, Apple has to do a lot of compromises with the device as it will ditch OLED display, Face ID, and several other features which are bound to only high-end iPhone. So, iPhone SE 2 could be priced at $449 if above-mentioned features are included.

iPhone SE 2 Release date – What is the release date of iPhone SE 2?

As we said in the introduction that all these details are based on the reports and predictions. There isn’t any official announcement from Apple regarding iPhone SE 2 so there is not any specific date of iPhone SE 2 release can be specified.

According to the reports of Kuo, three iPhone models are going to release in 2021 and there is no mentioned that iPhone SE 2 is getting unveiled in 2021. So we may expect iPhone SE 2 in March 2021 or September the same year.

iPhone SE 2 leaks

There are several leaks in the market regarding iPhone SE 2. One of the most surprising is that Apple may ditch the name iPhone SE 2 and launch a whole new flagship which may be called iPhone XE.

As we all know that Apple has not upgraded its device with the series name of “S”. The latest iPhones are of “X” series. So it can be possible that Apple may bring a new budget-friendly iPhone called iPhone XE which could have an external design of the iPhone 8 with the downsized display, Touch ID and several other latest features.

iPhone SE 2 News

An official announcement about iPhone SE 2 has not been done by Apple yet now so all the news about iPhone SE 2 is based on rumors. Recently, there was news in the market that Apple would launch a budget-friendly iPhone with Touch ID limited to China-only. So it is expected that this could be the move of Apple to bring a new iPhone series instead of iPhone SE.

Final Words:

We are saying it again to make it clear that these all the information about Apple’s iPhone SE 2 is based on the rumors and speculations circulating in the market. So, there isn’t any official announcement support to back these iPhone SE 2 details. But as we know, Apple is late but never leaves their customers in despair. So let’s have our finger crossed and wait for iPhone SE 2, may after 2 years.

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