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Apple iPhone 2021 Leaks: Tof Camera, USB-C Upgrade, 5G Support, & More

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As we are just a month ways from the Apple’s next iPhone 11 models, but the iPhone 2019 isn’t in buzz since the rumours about upcoming iPhone 2021 models roaming everywhere. Many leakers claim that iPhone 11 would be the worst devices of the series, so the Apple geeks are spotlighting more Apple iPhone 2021 than iPhone 2019.

According to Bloomberg’s ever-excellent Mark Gurman and Debby Wu, Apple is planning to add one game-changing feature on iPhone 2021 or iPhone 12. They claim that the 2021 iPhone will come with a radical 3D camera or we can say Time-Of-Flight (Tof) Camera. This feature can scan and model the environment around it up to a distance of about 15 feet. In the camera sensors, there is an infrared laser array that used to send out a laser pulse that bounces off the objects in front of it and reflects the sensor which we have discussed earlier in Tof camera on iPhone 2021 post.

To take the AR and VR experience to the next level, Sony and Apple collaborated and now working on this feature. But Apple is not in the mood to add this feature in iPhone 11 to make its upcoming 2021 iPhone model worthwhile.

Furthermore, the Bloomberg wrote that “a third, more advanced camera, enhanced photo-capture tools and a more powerful chip” and the Cupertino-based company is now testing USB-C versions of the iPhone 11. But there’s no confirmation about USB-C on iPhone 11 models as reports say we may see the upcoming 2021 iPhone with USB-C support.

iPhone with 5G support is also a buzz of the town as the Kuo recently claimed that Apple has just made a $1 billion deal with Intel and planning to launch its chip for 5G support, he said we will get the first iPhone 2021 with 5G support next year with both 5G bands- mmWave and sub-6GHz.  Since other manufacturers have started building their 5G supported Android devices as the low price, Apple device to work on the 5G iPhone quickly and provide the first iPhone 5G device next year. Well, the company have already deal with Qualcomm, so we may see the first 5G supported iPhone with the Qualcomm’s chip.

There is one more thing everyone is talking about the iPhone 2021 model’s display. Yes, the Apple iPhone 12 may come with 120 Hz screen instead of traditional 60 Hz, according to the source that tweeted “Apple is considering a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate screen on the iPhone in 2021, and is discussing with Samsung and LG.” Currently, Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) and iPad Pro 10.5-inch have 120 Hz display which offers the best gaming experience.

Well, the 2021 iPhone model is still too far from us as the next iPhone 11 is about to launch. So it’s better to wait and watch what Tim Cook is revealing at the Apple’s September event.

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