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Apple Fitness+: The future of fitness launches December 14

Apple Fitness Plus

Today apple announced Apple Fitness+, the company’s new fitness program — set to launch on December 14th. The subscription is set at cost $9.99 per month (or $79.99 per year). It was announced earlier this year as Apple’s latest attempt to continue to increase its subscription offers and it will feature studio style guided workouts that can be viewed on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV while using an Apple Watch for tracking workout metrics.

An Apple watch is the most important required equipment for Apple Fitness+ as the service does not work without it because of the Apple Watch on-screen integration. As you follow the  Fitness+ routines the Apple Watch will track your movement, workout length, calories burned, heart rate, and more just like other workouts. Workout stats are displayed on the Apple Watch but information are also shown right on the ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, or ‌Apple TV‌ in real time so you can keep a closer eye on how the workout is going and the calories you’re burning without having to look down at your wrist.

The program will start with 10 types of workouts: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength, yoga, dance, core, cycling, treadmill (for running and walking), rowing and mindful cooldown led by a team of trainers whose approach will be welcoming to all.

Most of Apple Fitness + workouts require no equipment at all or just a set of dumbbells, while the more equipment based cycling, treadmill, and rowing workouts should be doable with almost any bike, treadmill, or rowing machine that users have.For ultimate flexibility most workouts range in increments of 10, 20, 30, and 45 minutes. The service will give users the choice to workout any time, any place with the screen that best suits them across iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV and regardless of where users begin their workout personalized recommendations are synced across devices.

Apple Fitness+ will have a team of celebrated and passionate trainers and specialists who will be working together to create good fitness content for everyone. The trainers will also appear in each other’s workouts, giving users the chance to be inspired by a favorite trainer. Also, all workouts will be including a trainer demonstrating modifications so users of all levels can have someone to follow.

The Apple Fitness+ is going to be available from Monday,14 December 2021 and the program will require iOS 14.3, watchOS 7.2, iPadOS 14.3, and tvOS 14.3.

  • For Apple Watch users in the Fitness app a new tab will automatically appear for Fitness+ on iPhone
  • For iPad the app will be available to download from the App Store
  • For Apple TV  once users upgrade to tvOS 14.3 the Fitness app will automatically appear.

Fitness+ can be shared among up to 6 family members, making it easy for other Apple Watch users in the household to enjoy the service. Initially three months of Apple Fitness+ are included for free to customers who purchase Apple Watch Series 3 or later and one month for existing Apple Watch users.

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