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Standing true to its promise of inclusion of and for all, the annual event of WWDC – Worldwide Developers Conference held by Apple (virtually this year due to the ongoing COVID pandemic) from June 7th to June 11th witnessed a range of announcements regarding the upgradation in the operating systems and more which would surely change the way people have been using the Apple devices. Available for streaming on Apple’s platforms, this year’s theme was “GLOW AND BEHOLD”. Apple has been providing a really enriching platform through this event where developers get to interact with Apple engineers and designers.

From a brand new operating system for both iPhone and iPad to watchOS 8, iCloud+, Apple is surely revolutionising the gadget world with an “upgraded storm”.

The iCloud+ is the latest set feature focused completely on privacy announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple. The new premium subscription for iCloud has been rechristened as iCloud+ (the + denoting the impressive range of upgraded features). Without any substantial price rise for the iCloud a number of new features have also been added to it. These features can be enjoyed by the current users without having to make any kind of additional payment.


The WWDC is an annual conference that is held by Apple where the brand makes announcements regarding all the upcoming upgrades and features to the Apple gadgets. This year iCloud+ was one the biggest announcements made on the event which left the consumers curious. Hide My Email, Private Relay and unlimited Homekit Secure video recording are the revolutionary features coming with iCloud+ to the users.

Cost Included? –

The current consumers of iCloud would be upgraded to iCloud+ automatically sans any additional cost. However, no changes have been made in the iCloud Storage quota with this announcement. The free version however, does not have any additional iCloud+ features or benefits and the storage quota is still limited to 5GB.


At the Worldwide Developers Conference this year, Apple announced some really interesting features to the iCloud+. Unlimited Homekit Secure video recording, Hide My Email and Private Relay were the major ones.

  • Unlimited Homekit Secure Video Recording – With this feature iCloud+ is providing limitless recording space for Home-kit connected security cams. The users can now connect more cameras than earlier with the help of Home app and the footage will not be even counted against the total iCloud storage, irrespective of your plans.
  • Hide My Email – This brand new feature of the iCloud+ provides the ultimate spam protection. This feature anonymizes the user in a way and hence, you do not need to give out your real email address while creating a forwarding email address. This feature really makes emailing more safer and hassle-free.
  • Private Relay- Another major feature coming with the iCloud+ is the Private Relay. The Private Relay aims roughly at protecting the user’s identity online.

The iCloud+ is a revolutionary upgrade and the brand new features just add up to the betterment of Apple devices’ usage.


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