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Apple and Google Are Releasing Coronavirus Tracking App For iOS And Android

Apple and Google COVID-19

As we know that the entire world is trying everything to fights against the dangerous coronavirus epidemic. Since the situation has become very crucial, the world’s biggest tech giants Google and Apple, have joined hands to deal with the COVID-19 spread.

Yes, world’s best tech companies are planning to release the new COVID-19 tracking app for iOS and Android that will help the Government of every country, health sector and users to prevent from the deadly disease COVID-19.

As we know that everyone is using Android and iOS system from Apple and Google, this Coronavirus tracking tool will go through your Android and iOS system. So everyone needs to install the app on their device to work this tracing tool.

Bluetooth Is Major Part

Both companies have decided to help every government and health sectors to avoid spreading of COVID-19 using the Bluetooth technology of the smartphone.

Privacy and Security Is Major Thing

As both companies are using the Bluetooth technology, they have also taken care of privacy and security of users. The new app will use the API and operating system technology which will follow two steps to keep the privacy of the user protected. From the next month, there will be the new Coronavirus tracking API available for Android and iOS device on Google Play Store and App Store.

As the COVID-19 is speedily infecting people around the world, health officials found that contact tracing could prove to be very important and effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus infection. Many NGOs and health agencies are working to develop a unique tracing technology. To make is more straightforward, Google Apple is helping them to develop this technology as soon as possible.

Here’s the official announcement of Google and Apple from Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook:

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