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ALook at the Influence of Apple Technology on Live Casino Gaming

Live Casino Gaming

Live casinos, if you’re not familiar with them, are a form of real-time casino gaming in which a true-life dealer hosts the game and can interact with the player(s). While the dealer conducts the game in a special studio, the casino streams the game over the internet and onto the player’s device.

Live casino gaming allows players to enjoy casino gaming in the privacy of their own homes, without the pressure of onlookers watching them while they play. In addition,the player can immerse themselves in an experience closer to that of casino gaming in a brick-and-mortar establishment, an aim for which the 888 live casino and other online operators strive.

This post takes a look at the influence of Apple technology on live casino gaming.

The popularity of Apple

Apple is a household name. The chances are when you visit someone at their home, one of the occupants is likely to have some sort of Apple device, whether it’s an iPad, iPhone, Mac or even an Apple TV.

Last year, tech blog 9 to 5 Mac reported stats in 2020 that the number of Apple devices out there had grown to 1.5 billion. At least 900 million of them were thought to be iPhones. That’s a big increase from the 728 million iPhones reported to be in use worldwide in April 2017. At the time of the 2020 figures, Air Pods were also reported to be in high demand.

iPhones are a popular and well-known device all across the world.

Apple devices and the world of online gaming

Apple revolutionised mobile technology by transforming mobile phones into devices to which people could turn not just to communicate, but also to entertainment themselves. Mobile technology started to see gaming apps appear on phones. Today, people play live casino games on a mobile device, rather than take the less inconvenient option of playing from behind a computer screen.

Since online casinos are operating in a highly competitive industry, they keep abreast of the latest technological trends, which, naturally, has included the demand for accessibility of their services on mobile devices. Apple have encouraged them to raise their game by updating its App Store review guidelines and enforcing 4.2 and 4.7, on minimum functionality and code, of the guidelines. The tech giant has also pushed for real money gambling apps to feature content such as casino games to feature directly within the app, rather than direct users to an external browser. The company wants the best user experience for device users.

It takes some sophisticated technology to make live casinos work, however. Operators have turned to software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Ezugi to help them offer live casino gaming. The software makes it possible to serve up traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack and more.


Well aware of the threats the internet can pose when people try to use it for malicious ends, Apple is big on security, protecting users’ privacy and information. Passwords, two-step authentication and use of an Apple ID are three methods the company offers to help its customers protect their devices and stop them falling into the wrong hands.

When it comes to apps, Apple offers additional layers of protection to ensure apps don’t contain any known malware and that no one has tampered with them. Biometrics, such as Face ID and Touch ID, create a secure way for users to log into third-party apps and play casino games. If the phone doesn’t recognise your fingerprint or your face, depending on which form of ID you’ve set up, you won’t be able to play.

Apple have created various security features to protect their users, including Touch ID.

Outstanding technology

There’s a reason why Apple has become such a titan: outstanding technology. Here’s a quick look at how Apple devices have come to conquer the tech world:

Easy to use

This is even more important than the products themselves. Apple focuses on making products intuitive and easy to learn. If a consumer can’t learn to use it easy, the company considers it worthless to them.

Better quality

Apple doesn’t invent products. Instead, it seeks to make its own, better versions of products already out there. If the company can’t improve on something, it won’t make it, leading to products that have superb quality graphics, screens and more. Users experience few faults. Apple aims for perfection and will test products hundreds of times before they take them to market.

Can Apple help live casinos evolve further?

It’s a big question, but the chances are this highly innovative company can certainly play a part in the fortunes of live casino operators. One way Apple is already helping to make live casino gaming more accessible is through the use of its Apple Pay. Players at some online casinos can credit their account by using this payment option that involves merely using Touch ID on their device to make the payment.

Apple is a real giant in the tech world, one capable of generating huge shifts; to the point it can even influence how online casino operators actually design their apps. Apple wants its customers to enjoy the best possible user experience, a wish that coincides with the aims and wishes of the online casino operators themselves. The online gaming world is likely to see further innovations from Apple that could also assist service providers in the industry.

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