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8 Best iOS Weather Apps For 2023

Best iOS Weather Apps

If you live somewhere with ever-changing weather conditions, knowing about the best iOS weather app can make a huge difference. It can help you keep track of the ongoing and upcoming weather and plan things accordingly.

iPhone users who have been using Apple products for years would know of Dark Sky. It was the leading Weather app on the iPhone. However, now that the app isn’t available, your only way to keep yourself updated about the latest weather is to have an idea of the best iOS weather apps for 2023.

This article will explore all the best iOS weather apps for 2023 that you can consider installing on your iPhone.

1.     Apple Weather

For confused users, Apple Weather is a pre-installed app that’s available on every iPhone. Besides offering comprehensive weather updates, the app is also feature-rich, meaning that you can keep track of all the latest updates surrounding weather reports.

What’s great about this app is its versatility. Not only do you get to receive notifications, but it also provides the user access to real-time alerts.

2.     CARROT Weather

Next up on the list is CARROT weather, which can sound very corny but the app is one of the best on the App Store. Featuring a unique UI and usability, the app has a very intuitive user interface that you will enjoy using in real time.

You do get an in-app subscription, which isn’t mandatory for you to access. But, besides that, this feature-rich weather app also supports real-time notifications, widgets, and reports.

3.     AccuWeather

If you are looking for another OG weather app for iOS, AccuWeather deserves special mention in the list. Featuring advanced data and weather reports, the app showcases satellite weather reports and imagery, taking things up by a notch.

Despite such advanced features and immaculate UI, the app is 100% free for you to download and install, so you aren’t going to regret making that download.

4.     Weather Channel

Next up on the list is Weather Channel. It is ranked as the #1 weather app with all the latest weather reports and alerts that you’d need to keep yourself safe and informed. Although the app is 100% free, it is ad-supported, so you might have to compromise on that front a little bit.

That said, the incoming weather predictions and quicker alerts on this app make this worth the #1 title that it has secured for itself.

5.     NOAA Radar & Weather Forecast

This particular iOS weather app is only functional for U.S Residents. It uses real-time data shared via National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, streamlining that data into the app so users get direct access to the weather status in their local areas in real time.

Besides keeping track of the normal weather, the app is also ideal for keeping track of any incoming natural calamity, including hurricanes, wildfires, storms, etc.

6.     Weather Underground

As shady as the name of this app sounds, it is one of the best weather apps for iOS devices. It focuses on sharing hyper-local weather forecasts of the area surrounding you. The app is 100% free but comes with ads. If you want an ad-free version, there is a subscription-based model you can consider checking out.

Besides providing users with real-time alerts about the weather, the app is also known for its strict privacy policies. Also, the app hosts news stories and weather forecast videos in real time.

7.     RadarScope

Next up on the list of the best iOS weather apps is RadarScope. However, what distinguishes this weather app from the rest is the fact that it’s a paid app. You need to pay a recurring subscription fee, which can be a solid pain. But, the platform is worth the price, especially because it helps the users track weather patterns in real time.

Besides the weather updates, the app is also known for its amazing privacy policies, further adding to the overall benefits.

8.     1Weather

Another free iOS weather app that’s quite popular and well-known is 1Weather. From keeping track of the radar maps to offering weather warnings in real-time, this app is a comprehensive one that won’t disappoint.

Also, it is one of the few free iOS weather apps that offer a 10-days weather forecast in advance so you can plan things in your life accordingly. If you don’t want the intrusive ads popping up on the app, it offers a premium plan for $1.99 per month.


These are some of the top iOS weather apps that are worth the time. If you are considering downloading some third-party weather app on your iOS device, we’d recommend picking one from the list mentioned. We have tried to keep a balance and mention both paid and free apps, so you can pick one based on what you think would work best for you.

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