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5 Awesome Dog GPS Trackers w/ iPhone Support

5 Awesome Dog GPS Trackers w/ iPhone Support
5 Awesome Dog GPS Trackers w/ iPhone Support

A large number of people all around the world like to keep a dog. However, losing a wonderful dog is a very painful experience. Not to mention, but we have to deal with our past. But now, there are a wide number of gadgets available to protect your dog. You can always buy a dog GPS tracker in order to keep a closer eye on the dog. Here, we will provide you with a list of 5 Best Dog GPS Trackers w/ iPhone support.

All the below listed are iPhone-compatible dog GPS trackers which will help you to find the dog instantly. Without much ado, let’s get started:

5 Awesome Dog GPS Trackers w/ iPhone Support

1. The Paw Tracker

This tracker takes help of GPS in order to find the location of Cellular SMS to send those coordinates back to the server. The devices come with an activated SIM card so you don’t need to change your cellular plan. However, this facility is not available on Amazon and eBay.

It is available in 3 color options and is very popular among fashionable pets. Also, the online app is available for Android and iOS users.

2. Solar-Trak

Solar-Trak is a lightweight, solar-power GPS device which you have to attach as a collar on your dog and it is suitable for any size of a dog. Later, you can track where your dog is using its iPhone app.

The package consists of Solar-Trak GPS collar attachment, an RF transponder & a backup USB charge cable. Then, you can track where your dog is using Google Maps or Solar-Trak iPhone app.

3. Tagg- GPS Pet Tracker

Tagg is an award-winning GPS Pet Tracker which sends text and email alerts as soon as your pet runs out. It allows you to view as well as track daily exercise levels to keep your pet healthy.

It app provides an interactive map so that you can easily reach out to your pet. The tracker fits most of the collars, however, it is not suggested for dogs under 10 lbs.

4. Whistle GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor

This is an award-winning tracking device for a dog and it consists of a lot of features. The tracker works anywhere in the US. Also, it provides the live location of the dogs and alerts you anytime it leaves the restricted area.

It is compatible with iOS, hence you can track as well as monitor past location history of the dog as well. You can also check daily fitness activity and essential details about your pet. On a single charge, the tracker runs for 7 days.


5. Tractive 3G Pet Tracker

This is one of the most popular pet tracker available in the market. The tracker is recommended for dogs with a weight of 9 pounds or above. It is available with the collar.

The tracker also possesses an iOS app. The app is compatible with all the iOS devices running on iOS8+ or above. Using this app, you can track past location history of your dog and also apply geofences for your dog. The location tracking feature is available in more than 150+ countries.

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We hope that you like our list of 5 Best Dog GPS Trackers w/ iPhone support. Lastly, don’t forget to share this list with your friends and followers.

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